30 Days of Yoga

30 Days of Yoga

That’s it; 30 days, done.


At the beginning of January, I started a 30 day yoga ‘challenge’ with the incredible Adriene Mishler of YouTube channel and blog Yoga with Adriene.

I’ve been following her videos for about a year now, and though I like to mix things up with a few other teachers’ channels, hers is the ones I always go back to as I really like her style; she makes yoga accessible and she’s just so darn funny, it’s like hanging out doing yoga with a friend.

I’ve been trying to develop my home practice for a while. Largely because I’ve spent the last year or so living in a town with no yoga studio, and no regular classes that I can get to. So I saw the 30 Days of Yoga challenge as an opportunity to develop a regular practice. I was also interested to see if it was something that I could fit in to my busy daily schedule.

Whilst I was all raring to go with my new year challenge, life happened and I started a bit late (and finished even later) so was playing catch up on the daily videos throughout January. But I’ve never felt like I was rushing through it – and the beauty of YouTube means you can dip in and out whenever you like. Though I do recommend trying to do the whole 30 days if you can.

Even when I had stressful times at work or was experiencing sickness (a third bout of flu in two months, joys!) showing up on my mat every day helped me carve out a little place of peace and calm where I can take time and be good to myself.

The videos range in length from 15-45 minutes, and cover different yoga techniques and styles (some energetic, some restorative). But all are quite adaptable depending on your level of expertise, which I liked as someone with some but by no means extensive experience.

Plus, all the lessons encourage you to “find what feels good”, the central mantra of Adriene’s teaching, which is SO important in a medium of teaching like video where every student has different abilities or may even just be having a bad day! I liked the saying so much that I literally bought the t-shirt…


*SPOILERS* If you’re going to do 30 Days of Yoga and don’t want to see how it ends, head straight to the website to sign up for daily prompts

The focus on finding what feels good and adapting the practice to your own needs is not completely without a purpose, as the last session is pretty much yours to fill with your own practice.

When I saw what was in store, my mind was all “noooo, I’m not ready for that” but to my surprise my body and heart knew what to do. It was exhilerating to find that freedom.

I think that when I came to 30 Days of Yoga, I was mainly looking for a physical challenge – and practicing every day did definitely improve my physical strength, especially in plank and helping me to finally get my feet off the ground in bakasana (crow pose)… even if just for a couple of seconds. Progress! Plus, I started to notice a change in the position of my legs which are a little bowed. But the peace and mental space I found was something so much more important.

Thanks so much to Adriene for putting this amazing course together. I can highly recommend it.